Freelancer factoring

You’re the boss! We are your backoffice. Thanks to Finqle you are able to concentrate on the fun part of doing business; selling your beautiful product of service. Finqle will take care of everything else!

Entrepreneurship without worries we call it.

  • Simply create or upload your invoices
  • Pay out within one business day
  • Credit management, never again
  • No longer any risk of not getting paid
  • Efficient days, peaceful nights

How does freelancer factoring work?

Late payments will cost you lots of energy and money. With invoice factoring, Finqle can provide any SME with quick and flexible financing. Once signed-up you can upload your invoice on our portal and we will pay it out in cash within one business day. As your invoice in now ours, you will never have to do credit management again or worry about bankruptcies.

    • Sign-up

      Use this form to sign-up your business and debtor

    • Feedback

      Within a day we’ll send you feedback on the creditworthiness of your debtor

    • Onboarding

      Complete the signup procedure and sign our agreement online. Your account is then activated

    • Get started!

      Upload your invoice in our portal or create one using our invoicing module

    • Get paid

      Your invoice will be processed within one business day and paid out into your account

    • Enjoy your weekend!

      After buying your invoice, we will take care of everything else. You just do your thing!

Are there any rules to this game?

Yes, there are a few. Please use the interactive box below to get familiar with the most important conditions. Having any doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact us with your question!

I guess this isn't free

True that

  • Indicative factor fee Factor fee
    Paid out Paid out
  • - %

Simple and transparant

Luckily we have simple and transparant business model. We pay out 100% of your invoice minus our factor fee. No more, no less. And don’t forget

  • Pay out within one business day
  • No more credit management
  • No more risk of non-payments
Ms. Cathelijn Paling
Really incredibly simple!
The quick handling is what surprised me most. I left my details on their website and got a call right after. I started using their services the same day Compared to other parties I contacted during my search for a financing solution, Finqle has very clear and modern website. TheRead more


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