SME Factoring

Late payments will cost you lots of energy and money. With invoice factoring, Finqle can provide any SME with quick and flexible financing. Once signed-up you can upload your invoice on our portal and we will pay it out in cash within one business day. As your invoice in now ours, you will never have to do credit management again or worry about bankruptcies.

  • Get it organized in 3 clicks
  • Simply upload your invoices
  • Get paid within one business day
  • No more credit management
  • Stay in control using our portal
  • Personal approach
  • Credit insurance

How does it work?

    • Personal approach

      One of our account managers will contact you and discuss the possibilities.

    • Onboarding

      Complete the signup procedure and sign our agreement online. Your account is then activated.

    • Register debtor

      Simply start adding your clients to your portfolio using our platform

    • Upload your invoice

      Your invoice will be paid out within one business day

    • Quiet

      After you receive your money, we will take care of everything else. Off course you can monitor everything online

What does it cost?

Finqle distinguishes itself from other factors by applying a very simple and clear cost structure.

Our model

We do not have start-up fees, subscription fees, cost per invoice submitted or depot-settlements. We pay out 100% of your invoice minus our factor fee directly into your bank account. Straight forward, without any surprises; receive up to 99% face value in cash!

The advantages of Finqle factoring

  • Simple and flexible

    You are not obligated to submit your whole debtor portfolio; you can choose which debtors you want to get financed. You can then simply upload your invoices on our online platform.

    Also, there are no minimum requirements regarding turnover and company size. This means our services can be used by any type of business.

  • Credit check and acceptance

    As we finance per debtor, we will perform a credit check on every debtor submitted by our clients. During this credit check we measure the debtor’s creditworthiness in general, and in regards to our clients expected turnover. Based on this check we give of a limit up to where we will buy our clients invoices. It is therefore also possible we give of a zero limit.

    This means we won’t buy any invoices on this debtor and we will advise our client to not supply on credit themselves. Perhaps regarded as inexpert, it will prevent you from dealing with expensive bankruptcy in the future.

  • Invoicing

    As a factor, Finqle buys your invoice and will pay out to your bank account within 24 hours. This means your debtor will receive invoices made by you, on your business stationery, carrying your business logo. We call this type of service ‘invoice factoring’ or ‘non-recourse factoring’. As we take ownership of your financial asset (the invoice), we also take ownership of the risks associated with it, such as the risk of default and accounts receivables. Buying a financial asset is called ceding or assignment (cessie) under Dutch Law (art. 3:94 Dutch Civil Code for real fans).

  • Professional credit management

    As said before, Finqle will buy your invoice as a financial asset, and therefore assume ownership of the obligations as well. We will therefore provide credit management. Important to note; we will never approach your clients from a debt collection perspective.

    We understand a weekend can be in the midst of a payment or payments are performed on a single fixed day. We understand mistakes are made, even on invoices, and credit invoices need to be made sometimes. Therefore account receivables is done by phone and we will always try to get invoices paid by conciliation. This means we will always take timing and your relation into consideration before performing any action towards your principal. We see ourselves as an extension of your company and not some anonymous debt collector.

Lastly, why choose Finqle?

Behind Finqle there is private investment firm consisting of successful Dutch entrepreneurs. Their goal is active and sustainable investmenting in Dutch start-ups. With Finqle they are extending their mission, and provide industry and size independent financing.

The vehicle chosen is invoice factoring because of our years of experience in this industry, but also because this flexible service is accessible for all entrepreneurs. By combining knowledge directly with (online) technique, we make it possible to storm the market with very competitive prices