Late payments will cost you lots of energy and money. With invoice factoring, Finqle can provide any SME with quick and flexible financing. Once signed-up you can upload your invoice on our portal and we will pay it out in cash within one business day. As your invoice is now ours, you will never have to do credit management again or worry about bankruptcies.

Always a personal approach

  • Your own account manager

    From the first contact we take a personal approach. You will be assigned an account manager who will be your direct contact. He or she will personally look after your interests.

    Your account manager will guide you through the registration procedure, and will make sure you get set up as quickly as possible. All communication regarding your submitted invoices, required documentation, debtors, and receivables will be done by your account manager. He or she is always up-to-speed on your account and reachable via mail, telephone or our platform.

Simple and Flexible

  • You are not obligated to submit your whole debtor portfolio; you can choose which debtors you want to get financed. You can then simply upload your invoices on our online platform.

    As you can steer your liquidity needs per debtor, you can spread the cost of financing over your whole portfolio. As there are no restrictions on the number of debtors, company turnover, company size, company age, or invoice amount for our clients, our service is therefore easy accessible. This makes it ideal for start-ups, SMEs and sole proprietors.

Paid within 24 hours

  • As a factor, Finqle buys your invoice and will pay out to your bank account within 24 hours. This means your debtor will receive invoices made by you, on your business stationery,
    carrying your business logo.

    We call this type of service ‘invoice factoring’ or ‘non-recourse factoring’. As we take ownership of your financial asset (the invoice), we also take ownership of the risks associated with it, such as the risk of default and accounts receivables. Buying a financial asset is called ceding (cessie) under Dutch Law (art. 3:94 Dutch Civil Code for real fans).

  • Transparant cost structure

    Finqle distinguishes itself from competitors by providing a simple and clear pricing structure for its clients. We do not have startup costs, subscription costs and costs per invoice. We do not hold depots and do not charge extra for late payments.

We handle accounts receivable

  • As said before, Finqle will buy your invoice as a financial asset, and therefore assume ownership of the obligations as well. We will therefore provide credit management. Important to note; we will never approach your clients from a debt collection perspective.

    We understand a weekend can be in the midst of a payment or payments are performed on a single fixed day. We understand mistakes are made, even on invoices, and credit invoices need to be made sometimes. Therefore account receivables is done by phone and we will always try to get invoices paid by conciliation. This means we will always take timing and your relation into consideration before performing any action towards your principal. We see ourselves as an extension of your company and not some anonymous debt collector.

Everything online

  • Using our factor platform you can arrange all your business with us online. You can submit new debtors, upload invoices, communicate with your account manager, and create employee accounts for specific tasks. On the platform you will also find your company profile, and invoices we send you after buying your invoices. These invoices can used for bookkeeping.

  • It is off course also possible to exactly monitor your submitted invoices. You can monitor days outstanding, and view what actions we are taking towards specific debtors. It is also possible to view your debtors, their limits, and monitor their paying morale.