Finqle Connect

Specially for power users. Use the Finqle API to fully automate your financing and invoicing workflows. Combine your and our data in your own system or platform. Regardless of industry, regardless of your business model.

  • Dynamic limits
  • On-the-spot payment data
  • Real-time risk analyses
  • Up-to-date company info
  • And more...
    • Simple integration

    Easily integrate our platform solutions with our tight and well documented REST API.

  • import requests
    url = ''
    headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer [your-token]'}
    debtor = {"id": [debtor_id], "type": "debtor"}
    factoring_request_data = {
      "original-invoice-number": "[invoice-number]", 
      "total-amount": [total-amount]
    payload = {
        "data": {
            "type": "factoring-request",
            "relationships": {
                "debtor": {
                    "data": debtor
            "attributes": factoring_request_data
    request =, headers=headers, json=payload)
    # To access the response
    request.json()  # response body

Focus on growth

We’ll do the rest

    • Integration

      Submit thousands of debtors and invoices at once

    • Financing

      Get your invoices fully of partially paid within one business day

    • Credit management

      Automated credit management with local payment solutions

    • Feedback

      Real-time payment data and dynamic limiet for making on-the-spot business decisions.

    • Compliance

      Pre-approved legal procedures and contracts. Sign-up and go

    • Continuous development

      If needed, our developers will assist with developing new tools