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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I finance all my clients?

    You can, but you are not obligated to do so. We finance per debtor, so you can choose which one to add to your Finqle portfolio. As we finance per debtor, we will perform a credit check on each and everyone of them. So be aware, it is entirely possible we deny a debtor that has a negative credit rating. Don’t be disappointed when this happens, see it as a strong advice to not do business with said party. Chances are you will loose money.

    Wat does factoring cost?

    Perhaps the most important question. We do not have start-up fees, subscription fees, cost per invoice submitted or depot-settlements. We pay out 100% of your invoice minus our factor fee directly into your bank account. Straight forward, without any surprises; receive up to 99% face value in cash!

    Your invoice incl. VAT € 1,000,00
    Factor fee ad 4% € 40,00
    21% VAT € 8,40
    Pay out € 951,60
    VAT reclaim € 8,40
    Why Finqle?

    Finqle is an independent factor company with experiences employees. We offer flexible and care free services based on transparency and honesty. We always keep in mind our client and their relationships, and aim for long term relationships. With our paperless office and technological lead, we are future proof. With our knowledge and funding possibilities, we are keen to help other entrepreneurs to take the next step.

    Can I arrange everything online?

    You can. Our platform is developed in-house and specially made for factoring. Using our platform, you can upload your invoices, create invoices, add new debtors and manage your data.

    Do you do debt purchasing?

    Finqle only buys ‘new’ invoices. We do not collect old, unpaid debts. If you have claim and your debtor refuses to pay, we advise you to get a good lawyer. Invoices that have been sold to Finqle, are off course covered against such incidents.

    How do my clients react to factoring?

    I takes a bit of getting used to, but factoring is internationally accepted form of financing. Clients will have change the IBAN when receiving the first invoice through Finqle, but that about all the handling they have. Before they receive the first invoice, we will send them an introductory email explaining who we are and that they can always contact us or you if they have additional questions.

  • How about credit management and late payments?

    We will perform credit management for every invoice we buy. Important to mention: we are not a collection agency and are not associated with a collection agency in any way. We are a mere extension of your business and support you in your regular business processes. Therefore we perform credit management by phone and in always in consultation with you as a client.

    Pay out within 24 hrs and credit insured?

    Yes and yes. Once you submit your invoice, we’ll make sure it’s paid out in full within 24 hrs. As a matter of fact, if you submit your invoice before 13:00, it will be paid out the same day. If we purchase your invoice, you are automatically covered against any credit risk, meaning you’ll never loose money on a bankruptcy ever again.

    Is anyone eligible for factoring?

    Yes, technically everyone is eligible, but there are some restrictions. For example, if you already sold your invoice to another factor, we cannot buy it. If you are not sure, just contact us!

    Do my invoicing processes change?

    A little bit. You can keep sending your own invoices through our platform, but do have to add a snippet of text to the bottom of them. This snippet, or piece of communication, is obligated by law and states that your invoice has been assigned to a factor company. Of course we will guide you in the process the first time you make an adjusted invoice.

    How long does the sign up procedure take?

    Fast. Once you fill out the contact form, we will contact you within one business day. During this conversation we check if factoring is right solution for your company. If so, we can start the on-boarding procedure the same day. You will have your first payout the next day!